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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Dear John" Red Carpet Movie Premier

Waiting for the Stars to arrive! Jessica and I anxiously waiting!

Channing's beautiful wife Jenna posing with some kids.

Amanda Seyfried, looked even more gorgeous in person. She is holding a camouflage bag that a fan made for her.

Camo and Red carpet await at the York Theatre on Fort Bragg.

Inside the theatre, pretty dark, but the Garrison Commander gave Nicholas, Channing and Amanda "Iron Mike" statues in gratitude for coming. They each took a turn talking after accepting the gifts.

Yes, he is as charming as he looks!

The stars arrived military style in Humvees!!

The Author of the book "Dear John" Nicholas Sparks, he came with his kids.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Going Rogue, An American Life" Book Tour | Shealah Craighead Photography

"Going Rogue, An American Life" Book Tour Shealah Craighead Photography

Monday, October 12, 2009

Deployment Day

August 15, 2009 Another Deployment to Iraq another year of waiting........One more picture, a hug and two...three kisses. Not the easiest thing we do but we are so proud of him and the job he does for our country!

My handsome men Gavin, Rich, and Garrett.
Gavin trying on Dad's beret. I think he likes it and makes Dad proud.

Daddy Doll

Gavin's Daddy Doll that he loves and hugs a lot. You would never know how comforting this doll has been to a little boy who misses his dad dearly. He says "When I hug this then it's like Dad is hugging me back". These were distributed throughout our military families recently through the FRG. Thank You!Thank You!

Ultimate Gamers

You know the phrase "Like Father , Like son"? Need I say more?

So 3 computers set up in one room, this is the boys Saturday. Jessica and I usually go into Fayetteville and shop for the day and come home to this same picture hours later!

Jessica 16th and Gavin's 8th Birthday (early party)

The kids had their birthdays early this year so that Rich could enjoy spoiling them before he deployed.

Jessica , her dad and new bike!

Opening presents! She got an adorable Fossil purse, Burberry perfume, and Guess jeans!

Gavin's excitement after opening his Nintendo DS!! He's been aching for one since Garrett got one for his B-day!

Gavin loves swords so of course he got some Narnia gear.

Gavin's party with friends, the kids made their own mini-pizzas, painted ceramic cars, and had fun with making animals out of balloons.

Southport and Oak Island NC

We took one last trip to the ocean before Rich deployed again. We hadn't been to Southport before so I made reservations at the Hampton(one of our favs) and got an extra night free! I don't think that there are any bad beaches in NC. This one was great! They had the best restaurant called Provisions that we went to and they had some really good seafood there. Rich fished up on the pier for most of the 2nd day with the boys while Jessica and I got some serious sun on. Jessica drove us home the 3 hour drive now that she has her permit. I got to relax in the back with the boys while Rich was co-pilot. It was really nice to get away
one last time.