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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Dear John" Red Carpet Movie Premier

Waiting for the Stars to arrive! Jessica and I anxiously waiting!

Channing's beautiful wife Jenna posing with some kids.

Amanda Seyfried, looked even more gorgeous in person. She is holding a camouflage bag that a fan made for her.

Camo and Red carpet await at the York Theatre on Fort Bragg.

Inside the theatre, pretty dark, but the Garrison Commander gave Nicholas, Channing and Amanda "Iron Mike" statues in gratitude for coming. They each took a turn talking after accepting the gifts.

Yes, he is as charming as he looks!

The stars arrived military style in Humvees!!

The Author of the book "Dear John" Nicholas Sparks, he came with his kids.


laurie van wagoner said...

So cool! I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks books and I love it when they make movies of books I have read...can't wait to see it! Love you guys!